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Vale Paraiso

Nazaré, Portugal

Designed to create the most intimate bond to nature, this one of a kind glamping set among wild spruce trees and in one of the largest ecological reserves of the Portugal. Vale Paraiso Natur Park, is located less than three kilometers from the broad beaches of the charming coastal town of Nazaré, which is a very popular paradise for surfers and wind surfers, and all beach life lovers, craving for that enviable bain de soleil skin and for burning off their energies on big wives. The campsite is the perfect landing for unforgettable quality family time and experiences, for lovebirds romantic getaways, sports and active holidays enthusiasts, city escapists, serenity seekers, easy riders and nature lovers. 

Mobile tents 2019

This big project is composed by 31 outstanding and fully equipped Safari M tent in Comfort + version suitable up to 5 people and 7 Safari M Family + with more floor space, suitable up to 7 people. Both tents feature a spacious unsuited bathroom and equipped kitchen, leaving their guests the pleasure to cook their own special meals in a luxurious furnished ambiance. Due to the irregular nature of the sandy terrain, here the biggest challenge has been to find a winning solution to place the tents in a way that would have not affected their stability. The pitches scattered between the forest are de facto all at different heights. For this reason, the tents have been installed in the way stilt houses are placed: on wooden stakes as support base. Challenged successfully overcome. 

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National Entry 242 - 31,5 km, 2450 - 138 Nazaré
+351 262 561 800